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La Finance proche de vous

Taelys is a web service providing a solution for debt & risk management.


The first step was to draw a logo based on the client draft.
The keywords for this work were: finance, technology & proximity.

Webdesign & UX Design

The focus was on UX Design. As finance can be very hard to understand, the interface should adapt according to your knowledge: you sould be able to perform basics tasks without being distract by advanced parameters, but experimented user should access those quickly.

As this UX is part of Taelys IP, I’m unable to show the designs.


They also need some help in coding my designs:

For building components like a circular gauge, a four steps gauge or this slider composed only with radio-buttons
for fixing their integration like this table header (where the header’s gradient was removed) or this title (where the title background doesn’t strech to the borders of the container).